Welcome to my home... that is my home on the internet. We have developed this site to further the understanding of the reasons why it is important to continue mining the treasure of documents that are available on virtually any historical event. Most documents have not been purposely hidden from the bright light that guides historical researcher and writers. But because of the immense, sometimes almost overwhelming task one takes on to further the understanding of any historical occurrence, documents can be overlooked. Hence, there is always more to be gained by probing any historical event.

Once you seriously start down the research path, publishing the new material is a responsibility that you assume when you unearth new documents.  I attempted to meet this mandate. And I feel my readers will appreciate the effort. I also feel that the individual who reads The Plot to Save the Tsar will be able to reach his or her own conclusions regarding any material, when given all the facts that can be brought to bear on a given subject. As a result of the philosophy I developed while engaged in my research, I have purposely avoided attempting to feed the reader any conclusion derived from the new material I uncovered as to the final disposition of the family. Let the readers determine for themselves.  In my case, I simply do not believe that the Romanovs' entire story has been uncovered and told.  The night of July 17, 1918 and its ultimate outcome still remain one of history's great mysteries.

I do feel compelled to underline the above statement since - regrettably - some continue to state in print and in chat rooms that I believe the Imperial Family survived.  Moreover, some even say I state in my book that they escaped and lived in Ceylon (Sri Lanka). However, instead, the astute reader will find a wealth of heretofore unknown and unexplored information about complex relationships that do shed new light on the Romanovs' captivity and attempts to free them. Consequently, I state again my opinion as to their fate - life or death - is still open to question.

In recounting all the newly discovered documentation indicating that there were very solid and legitimate attempts to free Tsar Nicholas II, Tsarina Alexandra and their family, I have acted as a conduit for my readers.  I feel there is even more work to be done and that my readers - who have a genuine interest in the fate of the Family - will, no doubt, add more primary source information to this historic puzzle. I have included a message site - just go to the Reader Comment section on the Romanov Bones page and post a message. Anyone desiring to add any thoughts or information they may possess that they feel will add more understanding to this continuing enigma can feel free to do so.  As you utilize the Reader Comment section, be aware that my desire is for you to let civility be your guide. Profanity, as I have witnessed in other posts on the public areas of the net, will not be welcome. I look forward to hearing from you.

Finally, I remain grateful for the opportunity to have been able to make a contribution that could lead to a more comprehensive understanding of the geopolitical situation at play in Russia during World War I, the Russian Revolution and the Russian Civil War. In order to understand what actually led to the end of the Romanovs, it is essential to examine more than bones, DNA, and attempted escapes. My book is the first book to extensively examine the last days of the Romanovs from the perspective of multiple Allied government involvements.  Most books focus largely on the story as narrated by the Soviets with scant information about the role of the Allies.

As I was researching and writing about the geopolitical activities of the Allies, I felt the
 echoes of the past could help us understand the present and our future. After reading my book, I hope you will understand why I am prepared to argue that there are parallels between what happened in Russia in the early decades of the 1900s and the current events in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Middle East. 

Recent tumultuous events are similar to the atmosphere surrounding the actions that were attempted by the Allies as they pertained to Russia and the Bolsheviks/Communists in 1918. Not so long ago in Afghanistan the coalition successfully sought to bring back the former King of Afghanistan and there was even a United States congressional representation to help in doing so. I do argue and demonstrate, with documentary evidence, that the Allies in 1918 also had a secret plan to attempt to bring back the Tsar to help stabilize Russia.

Many of the events of today add up to a scenario much like what occurred in Northern Russia, where the Allies' attention in the summer of 1918 was distracted by the fact that at that point, Germany was winning and all attention and resources of the Allies had to shift to the war continuing to rage in France.

Likewise, today many areas of the world are embroiled in conflicts simultaneously. Excessive political infighting is distracting and can lead to potential problems that could be avoided. In 1918, the United States' attempt at nation building failed, due - in part - to political infighting and distractions on both sides of the aisle. The Civil War in Russia broke out and the hope of a democratic Russia slipped away. The next 80 years in the region were extraordinarily bloody with a conservative estimate of the loss of between 20 and 40 million lives, depending on whose numbers you believe. The world was changed for decades.

 Now, once again decisions are being made, and the story that history has to tell should not be lost. Our leaders and the young men and woman who follow them are faced with a task that is unfortunately costing not only American lives but others.   We, as humankind, can not afford to let countries who can govern themselves in a democratic fashion - given the opportunity - slip away as did Russia - for again the cost will be too high for decades to come.

Shay McNeal's Bio

Shay McNeal has achieved a well-respected reputation for her diverse talents. She spent her formative years in the Orient, where her father was an executive of the American Red Cross. She spent her early career establishing a prominent advertising and political consulting firm located in Atlanta, Georgia. While at the helm of Smith McNeal, she was the recipient of seventeen significant regional and national awards in marketing and creative work as a writer, producer and director of multi-media campaigns.

McNeal has managed several political campaigns and in particular was the key media consultant in the campaign against David Duke for the governorship of Louisiana. She built Smith McNeal into a multi-million dollar firm before selling it in 1987 to pursue her passion for history and writing.

McNeal's work in historical research has been praised by a number of historians ranging from Harvard, to the Center for Military History of the United States Army, as well as the University of South Carolina. She has also served as a contributing writer to the Discovery Channel and has been a frequent guest on the BBC radio network on historical matters. McNeal was a featured columnist for political publications and recently retired from the board of the Delmarva Research Center for History and Culture, Salisbury State, University of Maryland. She is also a past board member of the Educational Film Center. McNeal is listed in Marquis Who's Who in America. She has made numerous guest appearances on radio and television in the United States and Great Britain.

After discovering evidence that spawned lingering questions, McNeal began researching the Romanov mystery in 1995. She dedicated the following five years traveling across the globe in search of the truth about the fate of the last Imperial Family of Russia. Friends and colleagues often refer to her as a Renaissance woman. She is a multifaceted woman who has vigorously pursued her love of learning and acquired vast knowledge of many subjects. Her gift for story telling, intuitiveness and judicious research skills have produced her first book THE SECRET PLOT TO SAVE THE TSAR, published by William Morrow/HarperCollins in the United States and Century/Random House in the United Kingdom. Receiving acclaim THE SECRET PLOT TO SAVE THE TSAR has provoked serious historical debate.

Shay McNeal and her family currently reside in North America, dividing their time between their farm in Virginia and their homes in Atlanta and Montreal.

The Margaret Mitchell House and Museum - Center for Southern Literature

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The launch of the book held at the Margaret Mitchell House and Museum - The Center for Southern Literature in Atlanta, Georgia. Click on the photo for the Center for Southern Literature.

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